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Getting Better Podcast: Dr. Gail Saltz

“Accepting that some things can’t be controlled, or might happen anyway, keeps you from having the chronic fear and anxiety of scanning in order to problem solve every single thing. It is an acceptance of a certain amount of uncertainty.”

In this Getting Better Podcast, we hear from Dr Gail Saltz, one of the nation’s foremost go-to experts on a variety of psychological and mental health issues, on dealing with the high alert fear and anxiety often generated by “omni-available” media reports.

Link to Dr. Gail Saltz Podcast

Getting Better Podcast: Gregg Easterbrook

“We need to encounter and talk to people who are not exactly like us.”

Gregg Easterbrook, author of The Progress Paradox: How Life Gets Better While People Feel Worse, talks about why, despite living standards steadily rising, people are no happier as a result.

Link to: Gregg Easterbook Podcast

Getting Better Podcast: Paul J. Zak

“The most effective thing that trust does is reduce the frictions between individuals.”

In this extended podcast, scientist, author and entrepreneur, Dr. Paul J. Zak, talks about the importance of trust and his discovery of the neurochemical oxytocin as the key driver of trust, love, and morality that distinguish our humanity.

Paul is a member of the Getting Better Foundation’s Advisory Board.

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Getting Better Podcast: Brooke Binkowski

“As journalism gets degraded, disinformation and misinformation becomes more prevalent.”

In this Getting Better podcast, snopes.com managing editor, Brooke Binkowski, talks about the challenges facing responsible journalists in sorting out facts from fiction in the era of the 24/7 news cycle.

Link to:  Brooke Binkowski Podcast

Getting Better Podcast: Seth Godin

“We live in a world not based on return on investment, but a return on trust.”

Seth Godin talks about trust and the responsibility that comes with freedom. As Seth says in the interview, “It’s up to us to let advertisers and media companies know that, in spite of being hard-wired to look for gloom and doom, we’d rather read about progress.”

Link to Seth Godin Podcast


Getting Better Podcast: Matt Ridley

“Isn’t it amazing what we’ve accomplished in the last 50 or 100 years? …A total transformation in human life chances.”

The bestselling author of “The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves, Matt puts forward the argument that we progress when we trade… and that we only really trade productively when we trust each other.

Matt is a member of the Getting Better Foundation’s Advisory Board

Link to Matt Ridley Podcast

Getting Better Podcast: Barry Glassner

“We’re born with a drive to respond to scary things. Fear gets attention.”

In this podcast, we hear from Barry Glassner, PhD, author of The Culture of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid of the Wrong Things, about why the news is filled with scary things and why people who follow the scientific method are worthy of our trust.

Barry is a member the Getting Better Foundation’s Advisory Board.

Link to Barry Glassner Podcast

Getting Better Podcast: Michael Shermer

“Most moral progress came about because we proactively tried to something about it to make the world a better place.”

Dr. Michael Shermer, author of The Moral Arc: How Science and Reason Lead Humanity toward Truth, Justice, and Freedom, talks about moral progress, trust and the coming eradication of poverty.

Michael is a member of the Getting Better Foundation’s Advisory Board.

Link to Michael Shermer Podcast


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