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You probably agree that a lack of media literacy is an issue related to our building trust, resilience, polarization and threats to democracy. Our penchant for our freedom of expression limits legislating the cure.

However, there is an answer. The answer is education.

Here are some of the “good guys” empowering others through media and information literacy.

Latest News from Credible Sources

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Educator Resources

Center for Media Literacy

Media Education Lab

National Association for Media Literacy Education

News Literacy Project

Stanford Center for Online Reasoning


Media Literacy Clearinghouse

Media Savvy Citizens

Global Initiatives

First Draft / Information Futures Lab

International Council 4 Media Literacy

Our World in Data

UNESCO Media and Information Literacy

Bridge Alliance

Braver Angels

“Truth… always exists. There are, of course, threats to truth… from propaganda, from lies, from conspiracy theories… from human ignorance. It’s only by checks and balances, open debate, and criticism, that we can winnow out falsehoods and try to approach the truth.”

Steven Pinker, PhD

Legislative Efforts

Media Literacy Now

Media Resources

I AM not the MEdia

Solutions Journalism Network

Ad Fontes Media Bias Chart

News Literacy Lab Impact Report

Parental Resources

Common Sense Media

Poynter / Media Wise

Ad Fontes

“Exposure to other people trains our brains to think – ‘well, what would it be like for me to be that person… that’s what the global community of the internet has provided… I now know what it looks like to be you.”

Michael Shermer, PhD

Student Resources

Center for Humane Technology

Center for Media & Information Literacy



Ad Fontes